3 Key Factors To Consider When Building A Nursing Home

When constructing a nursing home, it is important to bear in mind certain aspects of the design that may not be thought of during the process of building other structures such as an office block, shopping mall or a cinema. Those who will be in attendance at the home will be elderly and are highly likely to have issues with mobility, hearing, sight or cognitivity, so the structure of the home needs to be accessible and designed with residents in mind.

We at Construction Interior Design Ltd offer a comprehensive care home construction service and thought we would share some of our wisdom to give you an insight as to what should be considered when building a nursing home.

1 – The Residents’ Needs Come First

When designing and constructing a nursing home, it is paramount that the needs of the residents are taken into consideration. Many residents will be disabled in some way, whether that be mentally or physically, so there should be a point made to ensure the home is easy to move around and as comfortable as possible.

Bedrooms should be built with an easily accessible en suite, with walls and ceilings being strong enough to hold a hoist if a resident needs one to make their way from their bed to the bathroom. Ultimately the nursing home should be a homely and welcoming environment, whilst also being practical for the caregivers to be able to tend to the occupants easily and quickly.

Rooms should be purpose-built and large enough for visitors and a carer to be present at the same time whilst being comfortable. Wheelchair accessibility should be taken into consideration, allowing residents, even if they lack mobility, to have the freedom to keep as much of their independence as possible.

It should be remembered that a nursing home is being built for elderly residents who will be spending most, if not all, of their time in. Just like with any accommodation, there should be designated areas for eating and socialising. The Residents’ needs always have to come first, providing a safe, convenient space and catering for a large group of people with individual needs.

2 – Passing Codes and Standards

Similarly to when any building is being constructed, there is a list of specific requirements, codes and standards the nursing home needs to adhere to. The CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulates the way in which nursing homes are built and run, assuring the very best care is provided for residents.

Regulation 12 of the Health and Social Care Act specifically oversees the treatment of those receiving care. When constructing a nursing home, it is the developers job to ensure that all of the requirements set out by the Care Quality Commission are met, gaining their seal of approval that the home is suitable to house residents.

It is understandable that providing care can be difficult at times, but the CQC need to be able to see that those who have built the nursing home have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the residents will be as safe as possible when living on the premises. Once the nursing home is deemed to be built and designed in an accessible and safe way, the CQC will be happy for residents to move in.

Essentially, the CQC check that care and treatment can be provided in a safe way for service users, assessing all risks and possible hazards. If you would like to find more information about Regulation 12 and the Health and Social Care Act, a full, comprehensive description can be found on the CQC website. 

3 – Choosing The Correct People For The Job

If you are looking for a construction company you will not have a hard time finding one, but how do you know who the right team for the job is? Researching the company, looking at its experience, portfolio and track record, can all be good indicators to tell who will do the best job for you.

Choosing a company with a team of experienced professionals behind it is a great way to ensure that the work you want carried out will be done by people who know the best, most efficient way to complete the job. Workers develop and improve their skills over time, and when building a nursing home, you will want the most experienced people possible doing the work.

A company’s portfolio can tell you a lot about if they are the right fit for the job. If you take some time to view the builder’s previous work, you can see if they have worked on constructing a care home before, or something similar. Similarly, you can see the profile of the customers they have worked for, if there are noteworthy clients listed, this can be a good indicator that they are a trusted builder.

Finding online reviews from places where the company has previously completed work can be a good way of discovering not only how well the work was done, but also how the customers themselves were treated by the company. If the reviews indicate that the construction was a success, with everything done on time and to a high standard, then the chances are that you have found the right company for you.

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