Everything You Need To Know About Mezzanine Floors

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Mezzanine floors are integral components for the internal structure of many retail stores, warehouses, offices and factories, but what exactly is a mezzanine floor and what is its purpose? In this blog we are going to cover all bases and take a deep dive into mezzanine flooring, answering why so many spaces benefit greatly from [...]

3 Key Factors to Consider When Building a Nursing Home

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When constructing a nursing home, it is important to bear in mind certain aspects of the design that may not be thought of during the process of building other structures such as an office block, shopping mall or a cinema. Those who will be in attendance at the home will be elderly and are highly [...]

3 Major Benefits of Commercial Building Renovation

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Renovating your commercial building may seem like somewhat of a daunting task, especially if you are unfamiliar with what is involved. However, this should not put you off undergoing this mission, as renovating a commercial space can have some major benefits and could be advantageous to you and the occupants of the building. To help [...]

What Should You Expect From a Floor Plan?

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Floor plans are often the bread and butter of any construction project. They provide a starting point for a proposal, and offer a visual representation of what a finished project will look like. Architects use many views during the drawing process, but the birds-eye view floor plan is the one most are familiar with, and [...]