Metal Stud Partitioning

Metal stud partitioning offers a reliable, solid means of installing plastered partitions to your interior. Using metal studs is also cheaper than using timber, and represents a more efficient use of time. Insulation is easy, and heavier studs can work well in load-bearing walls.

We Offer a Wide Range of Metal Stud Partition Walls

At Construction Interior Design, we work across the UK and undertake all forms of metal stud partitioning work:

  • Lightweight partition systems
  • Curved partitioning
  • Robust partitioning
  • Extreme partitioning
  • Sound rated partitioning
  • Quiet wall partitioning
  • Shaftwall partitioning
  • Secure partitioning
  • Firewall partitioning

Office partitions

Our varied systems are used in a wide range of premises but primarily offices, and may be used as part of new build or refurbishment projects. We are often asked to work as office renovators, transforming previously open-plan spaces into professional meeting rooms and individual offices. Office partitions can take workplace interiors to the next level and help to create a more professional feel for businesses. Rather than holding meetings out in the open with the whole workforce listening in, those who invest in office partitions can create a much smoother setup.

We have a dedicated team that has a great deal of experience in taking pre-designed projects and bringing them to life. We will tailor our builds to suit your exact requirements, and our systems may be designed to meet all thermal, sound, fire, and impact resistance specifications. For further information on office partition walls, we welcome you to contact us.

An image of metal stud partitioning work.

Finishing Techniques

A wide variety of finishing techniques may be chosen from to complete your partitioning wall, including joint and taping, skim coat plaster, and Sheetrock Prospray. The chosen method will depend on your desired finish – we will work with you closely to ensure that we come up with the right solution. By getting to know you and your premises, we are extremely confident that we can deliver exactly what you’re looking for.

The Benefits of Metal Stud Partitions

As we’ve already spoken about, we have a wealth of experience in creating metal stud partitions to break up large rooms into multiple smaller dwellings. As professionals in the construction industry, we have worked with a wide variety of materials and see firsthand the advantages of metal stud partitions. Being fixed in place with screws and weighing much less than their traditional, timber counterparts, the installation of these partitions is highly effective at supporting the smooth running of the project. Furthermore, metal stud partitions are durable and economical, providing a great multi-purpose solution for your residential, commercial or industrial space.

Construction Interior Design

Based in Oakham, and with over 25 years in the industry, we have worked in shopping centres, offices, new builds, and on numerous refurbishment projects. You can see examples of our metal stud partitioning work over on our dedicated projects page.

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