Metquarter, Liverpool

Client: Metquarter, Liverpool
Main Contractor: Simons Construction
Location: Liverpool
Value: £860,000

This large-scale commercial project spanned 11 months and featured work on new and refurbished areas of the Metquarter Shopping Centre in Liverpool.

Every project is different, and as such, the materials used need to be unique to the requirements of the build.

To form the shell of the Everyman Cinema, robust metal stud partitions were used, alongside acoustic mass barrier ceilings. Due to the location of this cinema, it was imperative that noise from the shopping centre did not transfer to the cinema, and that all cinema noise was isolated so as not to disperse throughout the mall, for maximum effect.

Mass barrier ceilings are used in the construction of cinemas, and environments where blocking noise transfer is necessary. Various components of these ceilings work together to prevent noise transfer from one floor to another. These ceilings feature several layers of plasterboard fixed to a galvanised metal framework, which is suspended using anti-vibration hangers; their installation was an imperative part of the project.

Furthermore, partitions were added throughout the shopping centre to form party walls between new retail units being added. MF plasterboard ceilings and bulkheads were added to new and existing areas of the mall to support the reconfiguration of the space.

The result of the project was a new warm shell for Everyman Cinema, and the creation of new retail units and mall areas within the existing Metquarter shopping centre in Liverpool.