Preparing For Retail Renovation

Completing a renovation of a retail space can do wonders to revitalise your business, giving a boost to your staff members and encouraging new customers to enter the space. What may have worked over the last few months or even years may be showing signs of plateauing and what’s really needed is a transformation in order to regain excitement about the retail shop. A change of colour scheme, the structure of equipment and products, or a new lighting set-up are just some of the ways in which a retail renovation can make your shop feel completely refreshed.

Retail renovation can be a very exciting time for a business and it is very for staff members to lose themselves in the ideas and how they envision their new palace of work to look. Hold your horses though, because before you get into the nitty-gritty of how you want the premises to look, it is important to take a step back and prepare properly. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of those preparations, which will ensure that your retail renovation project will go as smoothly as possible.

How Are You Using The Space 

One of the major considerations you are going to have to make is how you will be using the space of your retail area. Depending on what kind of store you are renovating, you will want to try different methods and looks. Some shops will benefit greatly from retaining plenty of space and spreading the products a decent distance apart from each other, while others will work better by filling the area will a myriad of items for customers to look at. You should take the time to figure out what would benefit your particular shop the best and how easy it will be for your customers to navigate.

However densely or sparsely populated you want the shopfloor to be, it is important that you know how to get the most out of your shopping space. A retail renovation project should have the objective of improving customer experience, and finding a way of utilising the floor space to its full potential is a great way to accomplish this. As well as ensuring the space is used to effectively showcase the products you have on offer, you also need to take practicality into account as well. If your shop has isles, your customers should be able to pass by each other easily and safely.

Will It Work For Employees As Well As Customers?

As a business, of course, a high priority will be to make sure that the new look and feel of the store benefits the customers. However, what sometimes takes a back seat in the planning is how the new set-up will affect the employees. Those who work in the store will have to navigate more than anyone else because they arrive to work every day. Bearing this in mind, it is always worth taking your employees thoughts and ideas into consideration during the planning stages of the renovation.

Employees may have some great ideas about what they feel worked and didn’t work about the previous set-up of the store. Because they frequent the space so often, they are likely to have the clearest insight as to how the shop can be improved from both an employee’s perspective and from what they’ve heard from customers. It is a good idea so take open suggestions from your staff about how they would like the new retail space to look. After taking in what they have to say, finding a way to incorporate their ideas can be a great morale booster. 

Can Your Renovation Stay Within Budget?

When coming up with plans and ideas about how you want your shop to look after the renovation is complete, and it’s easy to get carried away under all the excitement. It is important to remain realistic with your expectations and carefully plan what is feasible to accomplish given the time and budget you have got to work with. Gaining a good understanding of what you can accomplish within your budget will also make it quicker and easier to discuss plans with your contractor. Whether you are going for a simple redecoration or a complete remodel, it is vital that you understand the costs involved.

It is a good idea to come up with a variety of different plans. Having a range of options to choose from can be helpful in an instance where something you had in mind no longer becomes available. Instead of being stuck, you can pick and choose from the other plans you have made, keeping the renovation on track. Having multiple plans will also allow more input from colleagues and employees to be taken into consideration. The one thing you really don’t want to happen is that you get so far into your renovation and then realise that you are not going to have enough money to finish the job in the way that you want.

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