The Benefits of Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings have become a staple of commercial building interior design. Used prevalently in schools, offices and nursing homes, suspended ceilings offer more than what may first meet the eyes. In this blog we are going to talk about the main benefits of suspended ceilings and why they are an ideal ceiling option for commercial spaces. 

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Improve Aesthetics

Installing suspended ceilings into your building can be a handy way of improving the look of your interior. As suspended ceilings provide a space, sometimes up to a metre in height, between the ceiling and the roof, there is room to hide any protruding electrical wires. Suspended ceilings can also be used as an effective way to hide any blemishes that may exist on the upper part of the walls or roof. 

Suspended ceilings can be installed in a multitude of designs and provide a clean, smooth look, making your commercial space look fresh and modern. The practicality of having easily movable tiles also means that if you want access to the wires that are hidden above, you have an easy way of doing so.

Enhance lighting

The materials primarily used when constructing a suspended ceiling have reflective qualities, meaning it can improve the amount of light in the room in comparison to other ceiling options. It has been shown that suspended ceilings can provide 90 per cent reflectiveness, as opposed to standard ceilings’ usual 75 per cent reflectiveness.

Having good lighting in your commercial building can greatly affect the mood of those in the room. This means that anyone working under good lighting is likely to do so more efficiently, and the risk of eye strain, headaches and tiredness is lowered considerably.


One major advantage that will be particularly useful in a work space is the fact that suspended ceilings are effective in improving how sound your room is. The suspended ceiling actas as a barrier between your room and the room above, meaning any sound emitted from upstairs will be dulled making the noise less intrusive and allowing you and your team to work in peace.

As well as making rooms less susceptible to outside noise, suspended ceilings also help to contain any noise being made within the room itself. This means you would not have to be as conscious about any noise being made by you or your team, as the suspended ceiling will absorb a lot of the sound before it has a chance to reach the room above.

Increased Safety

Suspended ceilings are fire rated and can offer vital protection in the unfortunate event of a fire breaking out within your building. The tiles used in suspended ceilings are fire retardant, meaning that they are effective in containing fires, being able to withstand them for up to an hour. 

The fact that suspended ceilings can withstand heat means that it can provide vital spare minutes to allow the building to be evacuated safely. The ceiling is able to temporarily prevent any flames from reaching the floor above and therefore provides the best chance for everyone to emerge unharmed.

Cost Effective

Fitting suspended ceilings in your building can actually help save you a fair amount of money in the long run. As previously mentioned, the space left in between ceiling tiles and the roof of the building can be used to hide any superficial damage, meaning that you won’t have to spend money on tidying up those flaws.

As suspended ceilings decrease the height of the room, they work as added insulation to help retain a room’s temperature. Extra insulation can also be placed in the space between the suspended ceiling and the original roof. This means that you will not have to spend as much on heating, saving you a bundle on potential energy bills in the process.   

Easy Installation

A big benefit of choosing to install a suspended ceiling in your workplace is how quickly and simply it can be constructed. When making a big change to your workplace, we all know that it is preferable for it to take as little time as possible while also keeping the high level of quality. The ease of efficiency of which a suspended ceiling can be installed makes them the perfect choice for this.

The fact that suspended ceiling tiles are light and easily removable means that if one part gets damaged in any way, then it is cheap and easy to replace. This will save you any potential headaches of having to conduct any more major work to your ceiling.

What Construction interior Design Can Offer

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